DAY 226: A Sad Day I’ll Never Forget

My Uncle passed away unexpectedly today. I’m at a loss for words. He will be missed and I find comfort knowing that he’s not in pain anymore.
I’m always most worried about other family members handling the grief. And then when I see them together, I’m instantly relieved. I see what real strength is. And I know exactly where I get my sense of humor from.
It really makes me think. I talk a great game, but I really need to commit to taking better care of myself. I want to be around for Jake until he’s got gray hair.
Good night all. Cherish everyday. Life can change in an instant.

DAY 225: A Jake in the Box!

I can’t help but laugh when I think of all the planning and effort that went into choosing gifts for our baby registry, only to find out that all the kid needs are a few outfits, a place to sleep, something to push him around in, and a boob! Babies R Us didn’t mention that on their checklist. What a scam!

We have a closet full of toys, yet Jake’s new favorite is a freakin’ cardboard box!!! My recommendation is ask for diapers and gift cards. Skip all the other hoopla! It just ends up in a garage sale next year! 

DAY 223: Do Gwammas Have Super-Powers?

No matter how good my wife and I think we’ve gotten at handling Jake, there are days when both of us are stumped. Nothing seems to soothe him. Not singing, dancing or shooshing. Even the Magic Booby doesn’t work!

Then he gets one look at Gwamma, or even hears her voice, and his face lights up like a Christmas tree! Is it the experience and the relaxed “been there, done that” approach that makes her so damn good!? The boy can go from flinging his own dung in a rage across the room to laughing in seconds!

All I know is that when Gwammas holding her “Tootie (Cutie)”, I have time for a sandwich and a beer. He’s not paying attention to me for a looong time. Thank you Gwamma! We love you!!!

DAY 222: The Secret to Getting Any Woman to Like You!

Ha! Made you look guys! Just keep reading. It’s our third Wedding Anniversary today! It has been a crazy three years too, let me tell ya! We went right from planning the wedding, to rebuilding a house, to getting preggers, to raising little Jakey. Time has flown! And I don’t see the future slowing down much!

You’ve always heard “happy wife, happy life.” One key that I’ve learned to the “happy wife” part is that you don’t always have to be the big strong man. You don’t need to offer a solution to every single little problem. All you have to do is listen. Women just want someone to listen to them. Why do you think a girl can sit on the phone with their friend for hours, yet sometimes you don’t hear her say 10 words? She’s just listening. Women are natural-born listeners. It’s a skill I’m trying to improve.
Flowers don’t hurt from time to time, either. Happy Anniversary baby! I love you!
Honeymooning on The Turks Islands

DAY 221: Generosity…

Hello all! This is going to be a short post. It’s an easy one. The topic is: generosity. Jake is scooting around on a like-new walker because of the generosity of his cousin. He has nicer clothes than we would ever buy because of the generosity of his aunties, cousins, and friends. I don’t think we’ve had to buy an article of clothing yet!?

It’s funny. Whenever I’ve asked someone to borrow two grand, they laugh in my face. Mention baby Jakey, and we have truckloads of stuff in front of the house the next morning!

I’ll make this short and sweet. Thank you! We love you! And what about that two grand?:)

DAY 220: Ghosts, Angels, or Possessed Toys?

“It” happened again. For those of you that have been following along, remember when Jake’s Record-a-Book On the Night You Were Born read three pages to him while sitting tightly closed on a bookshelf?

Yesterday morning, through Jake’s monitor, I hear his little Sing-a-long Seahorse playing in his crib. So I think he’s up, he’s fine, he’s playing. I also thought, how did that smart little stinker figure out how to turn that thing on? The Seahorse played 3 five minute intervals and stopped. I waited to hear Jake squawking away… Nothing for another five minutes. Then I could hear him start to wake up. 
I found him in his crib, bright-eyed and stirring in his usual sleeping position. The Seahorse was at his feet. Again, I squeezed the toy, shook it, pressed on it’s belly, anything to get it to play. I always just assumed the batteries were dead, or I was too dumb to turn it on.  

So I asked someone smarter than the toy, my wife, to show me how to turn it on. You have to unzip the back of the Seahorse and locate the on/off switch on the battery pack. The switch was in the OFF position at the time she schooled me on this.
Unless Jake unzipped the toy, flipped the switch to ON, pressed the toy’s belly three times to make it play for fifteen minutes, turned the switch to OFF, zipped it back up, placed in at his feet, all while he was sleeping… then the toy played on it’s own.
Being Ghost Adventure freaks, my wife and I tried to de-bunk both experiences. In the case of the book, we said maybe because the book is heat/touch sensitive, and the bookshelf sits near a window, maybe the sun light triggered it. Sounds plausible. 
But neither one of us can explain this one. So the question remains, who made the Seahorse sing???