DAY 223: Do Gwammas Have Super-Powers?

No matter how good my wife and I think we’ve gotten at handling Jake, there are days when both of us are stumped. Nothing seems to soothe him. Not singing, dancing or shooshing. Even the Magic Booby doesn’t work!

Then he gets one look at Gwamma, or even hears her voice, and his face lights up like a Christmas tree! Is it the experience and the relaxed “been there, done that” approach that makes her so damn good!? The boy can go from flinging his own dung in a rage across the room to laughing in seconds!

All I know is that when Gwammas holding her “Tootie (Cutie)”, I have time for a sandwich and a beer. He’s not paying attention to me for a looong time. Thank you Gwamma! We love you!!!

1 thought on “DAY 223: Do Gwammas Have Super-Powers?

  1. Jacob just doesn't see me as much so I'm a welcoming site. Of course he knows I'm always going to be silly and make him laugh. Hopefully I will always be the fun and cool gwamma just like I thought my mom's mother was and still is at 99.5 yrs. of age. Rock on to all the gwammas!!!


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