DAY 222: The Secret to Getting Any Woman to Like You!

Ha! Made you look guys! Just keep reading. It’s our third Wedding Anniversary today! It has been a crazy three years too, let me tell ya! We went right from planning the wedding, to rebuilding a house, to getting preggers, to raising little Jakey. Time has flown! And I don’t see the future slowing down much!

You’ve always heard “happy wife, happy life.” One key that I’ve learned to the “happy wife” part is that you don’t always have to be the big strong man. You don’t need to offer a solution to every single little problem. All you have to do is listen. Women just want someone to listen to them. Why do you think a girl can sit on the phone with their friend for hours, yet sometimes you don’t hear her say 10 words? She’s just listening. Women are natural-born listeners. It’s a skill I’m trying to improve.
Flowers don’t hurt from time to time, either. Happy Anniversary baby! I love you!
Honeymooning on The Turks Islands

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