DAY 323: You Want Scary!? Try Being a Parent!!!

This morning, Jake gave me a little reminder of the feeling I’ll have to deal with for the rest of my life. He’s getting into everything now. We’ve got a “safe” drawer for him in each room full of plastic goodies to play with. Rather than lock everything, we give him specific safe spots in rooms, and he generally leaves everything else alone. But just when you think you’re safe…

I found out that Jake’s learning to climb. Gwampa built us an island for the kitchen last Christmas. Jake wiggled his way onto the lower shelf to explore. I wanted to snap a picture with my phone to send to Gwampa. 
As soon as he got his legs out in front him a little more… OH SHIZNIT!

No sooner than I snapped the pic, I could see what was going to happen next. I darted to the other side just as Jake fell backwards out of the space, his leg getting stuck between the island and the garbage can. I caught him just before his head hit the floor and his leg got bent the wrong way.
Sorry I scared you Dad…
My heart skipped a beat. Jake didn’t cry. He just looked at me a little confused like “what’s your problem?” I saved him this time. The scariest thought is knowing that you can’t protect them every second of their lives. I said “Jake, you have to be smart little buddy! We won’t always be there to catch you when you fall!” Is that bittersweet, or what!? I’m starting to tear up. Bye:)

Here’s a Way to Make Babies R Us Your BItch!

Here’s a little trick the wifey and I have used to get some of our most expensive baby gear at nearly half price! This “trick” has worked for our first car seat/stroller travel system, our high chair, and today’s purchase, to name a few.

After some research and a little advice from you smart and sexy people, I decided to go with the Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 car seat. So, I started stalking it at Babies R Us, waiting for the seat to go on sale.

This Daddy is also a tight-ass!!!

Sure enough, the sale ad arrived, and it was going on sale today. So, we paid a visit to BRU on Wednesday. Here’s how it works… The store had two display models. I picked the seat that honestly looked brand new. Then I asked a salesperson if they’d sell the display. (This also works around the time when next year’s models are going on display and they are replacing the current display item) They always say, “let me ask the manager.” And, the manager has always said yes. The only catch is they can’t sell it until sale day. So I had to make another trip back today. But, it was well worth it to save nearly $100!

To make a long story short. You get the item at sale price, plus another 15-20% off because there’s no box. The Graco seat was listed at $179.99. I walked out with a like new seat for $108 with tax. The warranty and return policy still count.

If there’s any big ticket items you’ve been eye-balling, give it a shot. We’ve literally saved hundreds of dollars!!!


DAY 321: Operating On Fumes, and Love:)

I loved this little shit before I even knew what his name was.

Today, I left the house for work at 4:00am and returned at 10:00pm. I’m beat. Although, just as I was ready to hit the sack (the bed, not my own), I heard Jake crying through the monitor. I looked at Mama J, like “Can I get ’em, can I get ’em!?” I guess it’s like a little puppy, excited to greet his owner when he gets home. Only I’m the puppy, and Jake’s the…. Aw, f**k it, I’m tired. You get the point.

Put My Kick Ass Chicken Tortilla Soup in Your Mouth!

Not mine, but it’s close. Imagine it covered with cheese, chips, sour cream and guacamole!!!

Who says Dad’s can’t cook!? I trade recipes with a good friend. This is my spin on his already AMAZING Chicken Tortilla Soup! After another person asked about it recently, i figured, HEY! POST IT!

– Bake the following ingredients together: ( I used a clay pot. It took 1hr 15min at 400*)
– 4 large chicken breasts
– 2 cans of tomatoes & chiles (as hot as you like)
– 1/2 can of beer
– 2 tbsp garlic
– 1 tbsp onion powder
– 2 or 3 drops of liquid smoke

– Remove chicken from pot and shred
– Combine shredded chicken and above ingredients into a large pot or slow cooker

– Add the following ingredients to taste:
~ 1 tbsp granulated chicken broth
~ 1 SMALL handful of cilantro
~ 1/4 cup lime juice
~ 1 tsp cumin
~ 1 can of sweet corn
~ 1 can of black beans

– To thicken you can add either a can of cream of chicken or tomato soup.

– You can garnish with…
– Shredded cheese (Chihuahua or Mexican blend)
– Tortilla chips (Or, you can shred real tortillas and bake them at 350* for a few min.)
– Sour cream
– Avocado… Anything you can think of….

It’s a little expensive to make the first time until you have most of the spices & liquid smoke. ~$30 if you have none of the ingredients. But it’s. Freakin’. Tasty!!! Enjoy!!!

DAY 320: Now I Know Why Guys Hate Shopping

From day one, I’ve written about men’s habits that I now realize start developing from the time we’re born. Our love and dependence of boobies, and grabbing our nuts are just the first two that come to mind. Today, I can add another to the list. Men’s hatred for shopping.

Ha! Yeah, it’s cute. I’m glad you’re amused. 

Alright, I’m serious now. Get this f@#king hat off of me…

Jake accompanied Mama and Gwamma on a 9 HOUR shopping spree today. I could tell how enthused he was about it when he arrived home. The little mad-dog was carrying on as if someone had just shot Elmo! Snot-nosed, red-eyed, and wailing, he snatched a diaper soaked with hot piss out from under himself and flung it from the changing table! OK. I understand that he was probably bored and exhausted. But really, why would he HATE shopping? When I saw the pictures, it clicked…

DAY 319: Baby Hunger Strike!

Mama J spent hours steaming and pureeing organic fruits and veggies for Jake’s food. And I mean hours. Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, beets, split peas, squash, apples, pears, zucchini, pumpkin, spinach, carrots and broccoli. She mashes the mess into ice cube trays and freezes them. When Jake needs a meal, BAM! Pop a carrot cube in the microwave for a few seconds and it’s dinner time!

Yesterday, he was having none of it! Every spoonful DENIED! From spitting it out, to batting it out of Mama’s hands! He looked like Linda Blair in The Exorcist! Rather than get frustrated, Mama handled it like a champ. She reverted to a couple of foods that Jake tried and loved in the past. Papaya and garbanzo beans. But, she did have to use a little mommy magic to get him to eat a few bites…. (That was before this video, obviously)

I will spit pea soup on that thing lady!!!

DAY 318: The Hangover

Thank you Jesus!

This morning at daddy daycare was a rough one. I stayed up a bit too late last night. And OK, I may have had one too many beers watching the World Series. My youthful instinct always kicks in. My brain says “You’ll be fine.” When my wife kissed me goodbye at 3am, my brain said, “What the F#@K we’re you thinking!?” Luckily Jake was out cold until almost 7am. And thank God he took a nap at 9am! I coasted through the day on fumes, feeling like I had a midget hanging around my neck. It was a glorious feeling when Mama got home at 3pm. I’m not sure who was happier to see her, me or Jake? I’ll never drink again…oh hey, game 5’s on…:)

Time for this baby to pass out too!


Take it down! Take the whole thing down!!!

I had a great conversation tonight with parents that have kids ranging from 1 to 15 years old. The consensus is: we’re all nuts! Parents with younger kids want their kids to be older and vice versa… Everyone says kids are a huge pain in the ass, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. Basically, everyone just needed to vent. Then we went back to talking about who’s having the next baby:)