DAY 323: You Want Scary!? Try Being a Parent!!!

This morning, Jake gave me a little reminder of the feeling I’ll have to deal with for the rest of my life. He’s getting into everything now. We’ve got a “safe” drawer for him in each room full of plastic goodies to play with. Rather than lock everything, we give him specific safe spots in rooms, and he generally leaves everything else alone. But just when you think you’re safe…

I found out that Jake’s learning to climb. Gwampa built us an island for the kitchen last Christmas. Jake wiggled his way onto the lower shelf to explore. I wanted to snap a picture with my phone to send to Gwampa. 
As soon as he got his legs out in front him a little more… OH SHIZNIT!

No sooner than I snapped the pic, I could see what was going to happen next. I darted to the other side just as Jake fell backwards out of the space, his leg getting stuck between the island and the garbage can. I caught him just before his head hit the floor and his leg got bent the wrong way.
Sorry I scared you Dad…
My heart skipped a beat. Jake didn’t cry. He just looked at me a little confused like “what’s your problem?” I saved him this time. The scariest thought is knowing that you can’t protect them every second of their lives. I said “Jake, you have to be smart little buddy! We won’t always be there to catch you when you fall!” Is that bittersweet, or what!? I’m starting to tear up. Bye:)

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