DAY 294: This Kid’s Goin’ to the Pen!

Today was a red-letter date in Jake history! He actually…drum roll please…took a nap in his playpen! I know that might not sound like big news to you, but let me explain. 

Until now, Jake had to be freshly changed, fed, dark room, blinds closed, white noise machine on high, pacifier, room temperature at approximately 72 degrees, and of course a soft blanky, and in his crib. The fact that he just plopped down in his playpen and passed out is one huge step for baby-kind!

DAY 293: What’s a Bad Day, Dad?

I love the fact that Jake has no concept of what a bad day is. Therefore, he has no idea if you are having a bad day. Regardless of the circumstances, he always lights up with a big smile when he sees his mama or I. This automatically eliminates a bad day. The lesson I learn from Jake is, don’t take everything so seriously, and just smile. Thanks kid! You are tiny, but wise:)

DAY 290: How To Restrain a Wild Animal…

He used to be so easy… Now he’s a like a rabid mongoose!

Jake is out of control! I need restraints on the kid just to change his clothes! Trying to get him into pajamas is like trying to get a straight jacket on a writhing mental patient! I don’t know whether to start snapping at the top or the bottom? It doesn’t matter though. If I start at the bottom, he’s got his feet pulled out of the footies and kicking the wall before I get to the top! I just had an idea! Duct tape….

DAY 288: Bears, Turkeys, and…Clowns?

Tonight, we enjoyed a huge game feast at Gwamma and Gwampa’s house! I’m talking bear, venison, fish, turkey, you name it! I think I even tried Sasquatch for the first time. Surprisingly, it tasted like chicken.

Although, Jake made friends with a very sordid cast of characters. A drunken Raggedy Andy and a hobo clown that smokes! We’re reeeeaaalllly going to have to keep our eyes on this kid!

DAY 285: The Things You Do For Love!

My babies:)

There’s a transition phase a man goes through. A phase where your mentality changes from ME to WE. Oddly enough, the thought of responsibility changes from a burden to a blessing. Priorities change. The feeling of being a Dad, actually taking care of a child, Jake falling asleep in my arms… I can’t describe it. I’m all in. And this kid will grow up knowing that DaDa’s got his back!