Daddy, I’M Scared!!!

And the there were two….

True Dad Confession here; I’m scared. My wife will eventually go back to work. I haven’t had the opportunity to spend the same amount of time with Little Baby as I did with Big Baby in his first few months. My mojo isn’t the same with LB. I had BB all figured out. He knew me better than LB does. (I’m working on that.) I knew how to console BB. How to cheer him up. Most importantly, I knew how to get him to fall asleep! Yet my skills were never infallible. And now there’s two of them! I dread the nights of endless crying. That helpless feeling. Wifey seems to handle it effortlesssly, on almost no sleep. Regardless of my “tricks”, sometimes babies just need their Mama! Man-Boobs don’t have quite the same effect. Just hold me and tell me everything will be alright:)

Duck Face!? More Like a Fuck Face!!!

Duck Face!? More like a FUCK FACE!!!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back in the loop! I haven’t posted since March. Between working 60-80 hour weeks, and trying to be a Dad when I’m home, I just flat didn’t have time! Quite frankly, I almost forgot I had this page until a few Super Blogger Celebrities pimped my Facebook page and BAM! I am totally re-inspired! 
I forgot how much FUN it is, reading all the great pages and interacting with all you sweet-hearts! I’ve always been the Class Clown and a bit of an attention whore. So needless to say, I’ll do everything I can to keep you giggling and coming back for more. Gotta GO! Big Baby’s up! THANK YOU ALL!