Wifey has always wanted three kids. Me? Honestly, I was always indifferent to the idea. Could go either way. Other than the fact that I’ll have to work until I die to pay for college. But, I may luck out. The kids could be geniuses, or even morons and college tuition won’t be an issue. My point is, I’ve never had “the urge” to have another kid.

Fast forward to yesterday. I’m leaving for work. Big Baby says “Don’t go Dah, I’ll miss you!”…Little Baby cranes his neck to see over BB and yells “DAH-DA!”. I played it cool and said “Love you guys! See you soon!” Between you and me, I was all sniffly and quiver-lipped by the time I made it out of the driveway.

I get all emotional when I’m worn out. But unconditional love creates some strong emotions! Wait a minute…did I experience a moment of what women call “Baby Fever”!? Because I was ready to slide another bun in the oven right then and there!!!