DAY 202 of 365

We’ve noticed recently that Baby J does this little “tick” type thing after he eats first thing in the morning. Imagine if he’d just tasted a lemon for the first time, that kind of face. And it’s accompanied by a little twitch like he was shaking off a chill. Now, it’s only happened twice. But, he did it like 5 times in a row during those two clusters. At first we thought it was nothing. But then we did the dumbest thing a new parent could do. We consulted… THE INTERNET! So of course, we ended up at the Dr’s office. The Doc says he shows no obvious signs of a problem, and it’s most likely a benign thing. It could just be him doing “the things babies do”. Obviously, we’re going to have another test done just to be safe. Has anyone had a similar experience? It’s always nice to hear from other parents who have been through it. Thanks:)

DAY 201 of 365

I can’t believe I’m past the 200 day mark! My, how time flies when you’re…being puked on, not sleeping, changing countless diapers, etc. I wouldn’t change it for the world, though. This little blob of sunshine surprises me everyday. Having Baby J in the house fills our home with joy (most of the time:). I forget about the trivial things when I hear him learning how to laugh. All I want is for this little man to grow up happy and confident. That’ll do donkey.

DAY 200 of 365

I totally thought Jake’s first words were going to be that magical combo I’ve been waiting to hear, “DA-DA”! He started out on a nice roll of “Duh, dah, dah, duh, DA, DA”….I’m waiting, wide eyed with excitement, put it together buddy, you can do it! Just then he goes on a rant! “DA DA”, and then something that sounded like “DAVID HASSELHOFF!” I refuse to believe that’s what he said. Maybe tomorrow…

DAY 198 of 365

Good morning! It’s an especially beautiful one because I’m patenting my first invention today! It’s a type of clock that operates in a new time zone, Standard Parent With Baby Zone, or SPWBZ. It automatically sets itself 3 hours fast, otherwise, YOU WILL NEVER BE ON TIME FOR ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!

Mama J and I are actually becoming fairly efficient at getting Baby J up and ready in a timely fashion. But I’m sure you all know, the first rule of Baby Club is… No, not “We don’t talk about Baby Club”. It is “NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY!” Life still somewhat revolves around the baby’s sleeping routine. That’s just the way it is. Why take him to go see ‘Hangover 2’ at 6:30pm, if I know he’s going to be spitting and shitting hot fire in another hour. So, baby goes nite nite, and I wait for the DVD.

But I’m not complaining. Every time this munchkin wakes up smiling, I feel as though it’s all worth it. Have a great weekend peeps! And thanks for spreading the word of 1FD!!!

DAY 197 of 365

You know those three days worth of sweet potatoes we fed Jake, but didn’t know if he actually swallowed any? He answered that question…by taking an explosive, sweet potato-packed DONKEY CRAP! I think he may have actually lost a pound! Which got me thinking, I need to eat more sweet potatoes!

DAY 196 of 365

I’m not a huge fan of the teething process thus far. I know, it could always be worse. But I think I’ve figured out to way to bypass teething entirely! DENTURES! Why let Jake suffer through the agonizing weeks of sprouting his own toofers, when he can have beautiful full-sized set of choppers installed right now!? And hey, I’m a cool dad. I’ll even spring for a gold and diamond plated grill (see photo), just as long as Jake understands that he’ll have to skip college and become a rap star!

DAY 195 of 365

The introduction to solid food continues! So far, Jake is like a little baby “food processor”. Food goes in, and gets spat back out in a different form. But this food processor also transfers the food to the high chair, the floor, the walls, your hair, everywhere!

My wife is adamant about making his baby food using organic fruits and veggies. So far, Jake’s tried avocado and sweet potato. We try each new food for a few days just to ensure there’s no reaction to it. Today, we’re graduating to something a little more tasty and exciting, baby yogurt! I can’t wait to wear it later.
What do you suggest? Were there any foods you tried that were automatic home runs? I was going to run some pizza through the blender and put it in his sippy-cup, but that didn’t fly with Mama:)