DAY 202 of 365

We’ve noticed recently that Baby J does this little “tick” type thing after he eats first thing in the morning. Imagine if he’d just tasted a lemon for the first time, that kind of face. And it’s accompanied by a little twitch like he was shaking off a chill. Now, it’s only happened twice. But, he did it like 5 times in a row during those two clusters. At first we thought it was nothing. But then we did the dumbest thing a new parent could do. We consulted… THE INTERNET! So of course, we ended up at the Dr’s office. The Doc says he shows no obvious signs of a problem, and it’s most likely a benign thing. It could just be him doing “the things babies do”. Obviously, we’re going to have another test done just to be safe. Has anyone had a similar experience? It’s always nice to hear from other parents who have been through it. Thanks:)

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