DAY 198 of 365

Good morning! It’s an especially beautiful one because I’m patenting my first invention today! It’s a type of clock that operates in a new time zone, Standard Parent With Baby Zone, or SPWBZ. It automatically sets itself 3 hours fast, otherwise, YOU WILL NEVER BE ON TIME FOR ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!

Mama J and I are actually becoming fairly efficient at getting Baby J up and ready in a timely fashion. But I’m sure you all know, the first rule of Baby Club is… No, not “We don’t talk about Baby Club”. It is “NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY!” Life still somewhat revolves around the baby’s sleeping routine. That’s just the way it is. Why take him to go see ‘Hangover 2’ at 6:30pm, if I know he’s going to be spitting and shitting hot fire in another hour. So, baby goes nite nite, and I wait for the DVD.

But I’m not complaining. Every time this munchkin wakes up smiling, I feel as though it’s all worth it. Have a great weekend peeps! And thanks for spreading the word of 1FD!!!

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