DAY 231: He’s Got Personality!

“They” say that a child’s personality is developed in the first year of their life. If so, we have our hands full!

This morning Jake greeted me with the “stink-eye”, snorted three times like a bull, and then stuck his tongue out and made a fart noise. Wow! Jake has always made me laugh, but now he understands that he gets a reaction from people. Hence the funny faces and fart noises almost on cue.

The first few months of raising a child can no doubt feel like a lot of work. Although these litte moments make it a whole bunch easier. And the best thing is, we’re just getting started!!!

DAY 229: A New Generation of Funny…

Today was a sad, but proud day. We said goodbye to our Uncle Big John. There were tears, but there was also much laughter. Sometimes sense of humor is a defense mechanism, and sometimes it’s a security blanket. Either way, it can help you through the worst of times.

Today Jake’s Aunt Bwittany taught him something new, and he hasn’t stopped doing it since! I never really understood the term “stink-eye” until today. Jake’s always been expressive. But this takes the cake!

He used to smile at everyone. Now when they give him the “hoochy coochy coo”, he gives them this…


Just to prove it wasn’t a one-time thing. Thanks Aunt Bwittany!:)

DAY 228: Man Cries More Than Baby!

I never imagined Jake would be attending his first funeral this soon, but what can you do? Later on, I’ll  explain to him about paying our respects to his Great Uncle Big John (that he was lucky enough to meet twice before he passed, but won’t remember). I’ll also explain why his Great Uncle was given the 21 gun salute.
I’m actually thankful that Jake’s not going to remember tomorrow. Because I can assure you, Daddy’s gonna cry way more than the baby.
Good night Uncle Big John. You will be missed.
Love, Little Jon (NO, not the rapper, your nephew!)

Christmas 2010

DAY 226: A Sad Day I’ll Never Forget

My Uncle passed away unexpectedly today. I’m at a loss for words. He will be missed and I find comfort knowing that he’s not in pain anymore.
I’m always most worried about other family members handling the grief. And then when I see them together, I’m instantly relieved. I see what real strength is. And I know exactly where I get my sense of humor from.
It really makes me think. I talk a great game, but I really need to commit to taking better care of myself. I want to be around for Jake until he’s got gray hair.
Good night all. Cherish everyday. Life can change in an instant.

DAY 225: A Jake in the Box!

I can’t help but laugh when I think of all the planning and effort that went into choosing gifts for our baby registry, only to find out that all the kid needs are a few outfits, a place to sleep, something to push him around in, and a boob! Babies R Us didn’t mention that on their checklist. What a scam!

We have a closet full of toys, yet Jake’s new favorite is a freakin’ cardboard box!!! My recommendation is ask for diapers and gift cards. Skip all the other hoopla! It just ends up in a garage sale next year!