What A Little Big Boy!

I can help too, Ma! Now let’s talk allowance…

I’m trying not to be “that parent” that documents every mundane little bowel movement their kid has, and post it as though they’d just taken Gold in the Olympics. But I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t think that every single thing this kid does is REALLY F**KING CUTE!

There’s still approximately a 80/20 time ratio split between Mama and I. Mama, spending ~80% of the time with Jake while I’m at work. I hope that makes sense. I can’t even talk about Math, I’m so bad at it:)
So by the time Daddy/Son day rolls around, I’m stoked to see how much Jake has changed in such a short period of time! His vocabulary is ever-expanding. A friend recommended the Your Baby Can Read  program to us last month. It’s basically a Rosetta Stone for babies. Even spending a a few minutes a day with it has made a huge impact. Jake is recognizing words like Hi, Eyes, Cat & Dog immediately upon seeing them. Without prompting, he will either say the word, point to the object, or make the corresponding sound to the word. It’s so cool to see him making those connections! Not to mention, it kills me to hear him say “MMEEOOOOW” with an almost Southern Drawl. So funny.
Our Pediatrician was right again when it came to Jake walking. Mama and I were a slight bit concerned with the fact that he wouldn’t take more than a step or two up until this last month. The Doctor said that once kids realize that they can get somewhere much faster by walking than crawling, they’ll take off. Boy, was he right! It seemed as though one morning Jake literally hit the ground running! Now, he rarely crawls unless it’s for something close by. 
This is all so bitter-sweet. I can not wait to see the story of this little person unfold each day. But it’s a little sad knowing that he’s changing so fast! That’s why I document every mundane little bowel movement…:)
Yes, he still has that same “passy”:)

Bloggin’ Ain’t Easy!

Good Lord, it seems like forever since we’ve talked!
I’ve been too busy dealing with life to sit down and write about it! Again, the 60 to 80 hour work weeks, coupled with Mama J working on my “off days”,  I feel like I have just enough time to eat, poop, and sleep!
Never mind that. Baby J has since transformed from a babbling blob into the semblance of a little person! Random mumbling has turned into a list of almost 40 words used on a repeated basis! Concepts of numbers are starting to click. And for some unknown reason, this kid is a little gear-head!? 
Anything with a motor or wheels is a “vroom-vroom”, and I mean anything! I pulled a pressure washer out of the box. Jake immediate says “vroom-vroom”. The strange thing is, He’d never seen me or anyone else use one. If he’s in a car, he needs to steer. If he’s on Gwampa’s tractor or 4-Wheeler, you have to tear him away from it. 
I am the farthest thing from a gear-head. I pay to have my oil-changed. So it really is a mystery to me. How do our kids develop these interests? Drums and music, I understand. Baseball, I understand. Jennifer Love Hewitt, I understand. Pooping in public, I understand. 
But how in the fudge did this kid pick this up!? Help me out here, parents! 
I’m gonna totally steer this vroom-vroom into the women’s dressing room!

The Power of "DA-DA"

BUSTED you little raccoon!

Jake said the word “Dada” 38 times in a 17 minute car ride, give or take a few. I started counting at 5. 

He wakes up crying out of a sound sleep…”DADA!”
He slams his finger in the kitchen cabinet… “DADA!!!”
I yell “NO JAKE!” when he almost yanks the center speaker off the TV console. His response… “DADA!?!”
He throws in just as many shout-outs to Mama, but I can hear “DADA” from a mile away. 
It’s an amazing responsibility to know that you can be a child’s healer, their voice of reason, and their security blanket, all at the same time. It’s also the warmest feeling you can imagine. 
Go ahead little buddy, Dada’s listening…