DAY 290: How To Restrain a Wild Animal…

He used to be so easy… Now he’s a like a rabid mongoose!

Jake is out of control! I need restraints on the kid just to change his clothes! Trying to get him into pajamas is like trying to get a straight jacket on a writhing mental patient! I don’t know whether to start snapping at the top or the bottom? It doesn’t matter though. If I start at the bottom, he’s got his feet pulled out of the footies and kicking the wall before I get to the top! I just had an idea! Duct tape….

1 thought on “DAY 290: How To Restrain a Wild Animal…

  1. yep… duct tape works wonders !!!. but unfortunately not on a kid !! i think there are laws against that sort of thing .. you just gotta be faster than the kid.. don't worry, you will get the hang of it fairly quickly, honest..say hi to mommy for me,oh yea, he's looking good….. linda


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