DAY 318: The Hangover

Thank you Jesus!

This morning at daddy daycare was a rough one. I stayed up a bit too late last night. And OK, I may have had one too many beers watching the World Series. My youthful instinct always kicks in. My brain says “You’ll be fine.” When my wife kissed me goodbye at 3am, my brain said, “What the F#@K we’re you thinking!?” Luckily Jake was out cold until almost 7am. And thank God he took a nap at 9am! I coasted through the day on fumes, feeling like I had a midget hanging around my neck. It was a glorious feeling when Mama got home at 3pm. I’m not sure who was happier to see her, me or Jake? I’ll never drink again…oh hey, game 5’s on…:)

Time for this baby to pass out too!

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