DAY 320: Now I Know Why Guys Hate Shopping

From day one, I’ve written about men’s habits that I now realize start developing from the time we’re born. Our love and dependence of boobies, and grabbing our nuts are just the first two that come to mind. Today, I can add another to the list. Men’s hatred for shopping.

Ha! Yeah, it’s cute. I’m glad you’re amused. 

Alright, I’m serious now. Get this f@#king hat off of me…

Jake accompanied Mama and Gwamma on a 9 HOUR shopping spree today. I could tell how enthused he was about it when he arrived home. The little mad-dog was carrying on as if someone had just shot Elmo! Snot-nosed, red-eyed, and wailing, he snatched a diaper soaked with hot piss out from under himself and flung it from the changing table! OK. I understand that he was probably bored and exhausted. But really, why would he HATE shopping? When I saw the pictures, it clicked…

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