Here’s a Way to Make Babies R Us Your BItch!

Here’s a little trick the wifey and I have used to get some of our most expensive baby gear at nearly half price! This “trick” has worked for our first car seat/stroller travel system, our high chair, and today’s purchase, to name a few.

After some research and a little advice from you smart and sexy people, I decided to go with the Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 car seat. So, I started stalking it at Babies R Us, waiting for the seat to go on sale.

This Daddy is also a tight-ass!!!

Sure enough, the sale ad arrived, and it was going on sale today. So, we paid a visit to BRU on Wednesday. Here’s how it works… The store had two display models. I picked the seat that honestly looked brand new. Then I asked a salesperson if they’d sell the display. (This also works around the time when next year’s models are going on display and they are replacing the current display item) They always say, “let me ask the manager.” And, the manager has always said yes. The only catch is they can’t sell it until sale day. So I had to make another trip back today. But, it was well worth it to save nearly $100!

To make a long story short. You get the item at sale price, plus another 15-20% off because there’s no box. The Graco seat was listed at $179.99. I walked out with a like new seat for $108 with tax. The warranty and return policy still count.

If there’s any big ticket items you’ve been eye-balling, give it a shot. We’ve literally saved hundreds of dollars!!!


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