DAY 313: Daddy, What Do You Mean, We’re Green?

I have to hand it to my Wife. Throughout the entire pregnancy and to this day, she has done absolutely everything possible for the sake of Jake’s health. She never even took a Tylenol when she was preggers. A drug free birth. Fought off colds and flu with vitamins and toughness. She makes Jake’s food with all organic fruits and veggies. Just today, she spent her free time purging the house of all the harmful cleaners and chemicals and replaced them with all natural alternatives. I attribute the fact that Jake has only had a mild fever once in 10 months to all her efforts. No jokes today. Just gratitude. Thanks Baby! 

The research center. Pearl Jam Poster and Goo Gone…

DAY 312: I’m a Winter Baby! Stop Being Such a P@$$Y!

What do you mean, NO WALK!? This is bullshit!

Jake has become quite the outdoors man. Actually, I think he was outside more than inside during the warmer months. Now that such a routine has been established, I’m curious to see how he’ll react to being snowbound all winter? The amount of walks and rides we take are already dwindling with the weather change. Jake is forced to take out his frustration on the bouncy seat and a cardboard box. I think we’re going to need some more interesting toys, or thicker earplugs.

DAY 311: Boys Will Be Boys…

Yes, I’m wearing a wig! And YES, you’re grounded!

I’m not sure if it’s from chasing Jake around, the spirit of Halloween, or getting clubbed over the head with a beer bottle Saturday night, but, I feel young again!? I guess it feels pretty good to raise a little Hell every now and then. This reminds me that I’m going to have to exercise patience and understanding the first time Jake tells me he took out a neighbor’s window….or pet.

DAY 309: Halloween is the New Christmas!

Here’s JONNY:)

In our household, Halloween lasts the entire month of October. Partially because Mama loves to decorate, but mostly because Dada’s still a kid at heart. Ok, I’m a nerd. I have loved scary movies since I can remember watching movies. My favorite is The Shining. Next is Halloween. This whole season is awesome! In a few years, Jake and I will be trading candy and telling ghost stories in a tent in the living room! Holla!

DAY 308: Baby Bullshit Artist

Jake is becoming quite the little actor. Gwamma noticed him hamming it up a bit today. He’s sitting there, whining, and on the verge of a supposed meltdown. She gave him the raised eyebrow/ I know you’re bullshitting me right now look. Jake’s snot-nosed, frowny-face morphed into a devilish little grin. Busted!

And later tonight, same scenario. Jake’s flailing, screaming, rolling in my arms like a crocodile on Red Bull. Mama walks in and sits down in the rocker to nurse him. I started to hand him over, and within 2 feet of the boobies, his cry immediately turned to a smile and he literally giggled as he latched onto the “milk jug”!

This kid is either going to become an award winning actor, or a convicted con-artist:)