DAY 308: Baby Bullshit Artist

Jake is becoming quite the little actor. Gwamma noticed him hamming it up a bit today. He’s sitting there, whining, and on the verge of a supposed meltdown. She gave him the raised eyebrow/ I know you’re bullshitting me right now look. Jake’s snot-nosed, frowny-face morphed into a devilish little grin. Busted!

And later tonight, same scenario. Jake’s flailing, screaming, rolling in my arms like a crocodile on Red Bull. Mama walks in and sits down in the rocker to nurse him. I started to hand him over, and within 2 feet of the boobies, his cry immediately turned to a smile and he literally giggled as he latched onto the “milk jug”!

This kid is either going to become an award winning actor, or a convicted con-artist:)


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