DAY 214: 7 Months!? Already!?

I can not believe Jake is 7 months old! Everyone says “they grow up so fast”. That really is true. Before I know it, he’ll will be forging his report cards and sneaking my car out at night! Until then, I’ll just enjoy watching this little miracle man grow and change every day. Thanks little buddy for making our world a whole lot brighter!

Look out Gerber Baby!!!

2 thoughts on “DAY 214: 7 Months!? Already!?

  1. hi funny daddy and baby jake, i was just wondering if you got those test results back yet ? if so, i hope it was good news !!! and yes they do grow up fast, thats why i say, cherish every moment with them.. give janene and him a big kiss from me… linda (jennifers mom)


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