DAY 216: The Results Are In!!!

Sorry, no internet connection last night. I’ll have to post twice today to keep the streak alive!

To make a long story short, Jake’s EEG was NORMAL!!! We have a perfectly healthy baby. How does that make me feel? Relieved. I’ve been holding my breath for a week.

Am I gloating? No. Am I more than thankful? Yes. Does it make my heart ache even more for friends and family who live in Doctor’s offices and hospitals? Yes. We were only there once. I can’t imagine going through that weekly, or even worse, daily.

Some dear friends have dealt with the worst circumstances imaginable. Now having a child, I do not understand how they got through it!? In my eyes, they’re the strongest people I’ve ever known. Personal heroes.

Go hug your kid. We’ll talk later…

I told you not to worry Dad…

4 thoughts on “DAY 216: The Results Are In!!!

  1. i had a good feeling about the EEG… just thought Jake was doing weird stuff babys do. but, best to be safe than sorry. glad to hear it.. and believe me when i say, it won't be the last time you visit the doctor because the baby is doing something you've never seen before… just keep up on the insurance payments..just saying……


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