DAY 218: A Star is Born!

It’s official! Jake has his very first drum set! I think I’ve played it 10 times more than he has, but, he’s diggin’ it! I’ll tap on the drums and count “1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4” as he just stares bewildered at his foolish instructor. When I stop, there’s a pause, and he whacks a drum a few times in response. It’s a start little buddy!

I found the coolest company for eco/kid friendly toys. Check out I know the first thing Jake’s going to do is chew on everything. Plan Toys are all chemical and preservative-free. My wife cringed when she saw him chewing on a drum stick. I said “chew away little man, daddy does his research!”

You see, my wife is the “greenest” person I’ve ever known. She composts. She uses water from a rain barrel, not a garden hose. We recycle 98% of our trash. Heck, she even makes me catch my own farts in a mason jar so the methane doesn’t effect the O-Zone! So, when she gave Plan Toys the “thumbs up”, I knew they’re doing all the right things for our kids. Check out Jake and his Musical Band!

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