DAY 344: Never Go Full Griswold!

I feel like there’s SO much I can do now to make the whole holiday season cool for my wittle famiwee. I’m going to have to start cramming on all the greatest Christmas movies, gathering ideas…or just flat out steal them from other people. I’ve never decorated a house in my life! I don’t feel like it’s a responsibilty. I’m thinking, how much fun can I make this season for all of us? Especially little Jakey!
The question is…Should I go “Full Griswold”?

DAY 342: The Score Is, GWAMMA:1 – JAKE: 0

Gwamma was cool enough to watch Jakey for us all day today! We’d hoped it would be a nice peaceful day for her. You know…feed him some mush, change a diaper a two, maybe throw a bottle in him, and BAM! He’s out cold the rest of the day. No such luck.

That little animal only slept for an hour! The rest of the day was spent ripping the house apart. But he couldn’t wear Gwamma down. She chased that little wiggle-worm around nonstop! In the end, Jake was the one who caved. Luckily, within a half hour of us getting home:)

Thanks for doing the “dirty work” Gwamma!!!

The last time he actually sat still for her:)

DAY 341: Man-Child’s First Holiday Season!!!

Something struck me as I walked past a huge Christmas display in a department store tonight… I HAVE A KID NOW! I GET TO DO ALL THE AWESOMEST, MOSTEST FUNNEST STUFF ALL OVER AGAIN AND WATCH JAKE EXPERIENCE IT ALL TOO!

The coolest gift I got last year:) 

I love it! I’m the type of guy that still checks out the GI JOE stuff at Toys R Us when I’m shopping for someone else’s kid. Now I get to surprise the living shit of of my very own! I get to pull all the same Santa gags that my parents pulled on me! The list goes on…I can not wait!!!

DAY 340: Should I Party Like Vince Vaughn?

One of my favorites, Vince V. in ‘Old School’.

I never imagined that planning a party for a little person (that’s not going to remember the party anyway) could be such a daunting task! The initial guest list has already hit 75, and we haven’t even start adding friends to the list!

Now, the questions start to mount.  Should we have it at home? It could be freezing out. It’s not like you can corral people into the garage. Do we rent a banquet space and take on the extra expense? Speaking of freezing, should we freeze the guestlist right there and risk offending someone? Should we cater it, or cook ourselves? Can you politely ask guests not bring a gift any larger than a shoebox?:)

The possibilities are endless! I know friends that have went absolutely crazy by throwing full scale events. I’m talking jumpy-gyms, clowns, characters, midgets, you name it! 

To me, the most important question is, who are we throwing the party for? Other than having a bunch of new toys to ignore, Jake will have no idea what’s the fudge is going on. 

My gut says keep it simple. I’d love your input!

DAY 339: Grandma Delivers On The Fly…Again!

Today was Jake’s weekly shopping trip with Mama and Gwamma. It was a short one, only about 7 hours. The boy was a perfect angel as usual, until…

Twenty minutes from home, Jake went into “melt-down mode” in the car. Showing total grace under pressure, Gwamma did the only thing she could. No, she didn’t pull the car over and run screaming into the woods. She started…singing!

It was a melodic blend of “Yes yes yes, no no no, nah nah nah, yeah yeah yeah”. For nearly 15 minutes, she kept on singing. Jake went quiet, mesmerized by the Gwamma’s vocal stylings. And guess what? By the time they hit the driveway, he was out cold!

So now, on top of expert seamstress, gardener, chef, cabinet refinisher, dry waller, painter, etc… You can now add song writer and hypnotist! Great job! We love our Gwamma!

DAY 338: The Cutest Thing Ever…Seriously

Some babies develop a bit of separation anxiety around age one. I guess I can see a little bit of that with Jake. There are some days he just doesn’t like being left alone. As soon as you even step toward the playpen to put him down, he’ll cry. He’s also waking up periodically throughout he night. Not necessarily to eat, either. He just nuzzles on Mama J and falls back to sleep.

Today, Jake was crawling all over the bed (and me) like a little monkey. Out of nowhere, he stopped, and laid his head down on my belly like he was giving me a hug. That’s the first time he’s ever done something like that. Normally, he looks to Mama J for comfort. But, today, he needed me. It was the sweetest thing. It is an incredible feeling to know your child loves you and depends on you for so much more than just food and an allowance:)

DAY 337: A Preview of Daddyhood…

Yesterday, I had the privilege of going to the University of Illinois to catch the U of I vs. Michigan game. There’s nothing like the atmosphere of a college town. It really makes me wish I’d finished!

The cool thing was, I talked to a lot of Dad’s who are getting to relive those years via their kids! The games, the visits…I’ll do everything in my power to make sure I, uh, I mean Jake gets to enjoy the college experience!

The crazy thing is, I’ll be 56 when he starts! I’ll still take him in a beer-bong competition though…

Jake’s future alma-mater?

DAY 335: The Countdown Begins!

Jake turned 11 months old today! What does that mean? Only one month left until I can take these posts dating back to day one and create ‘Jake 365’! (See: Who is 1FD?) Who would have thought that a simple bet would have led me to this point?

The little man celebrated by sprouting another toofer! That makes four on top, and four on the bottom. He’s getting so big! He’s already into his 12 month jammies, and he just looks huge in Mama’s arms.

Look at the little half-pint 11 months ago.

He used those chompers to eat peas all by himself! Pinching them up off his tray and sticking them half way down his throat. I know this all seems insignificant. But each one of his firsts amaze me. I’ll see you next month for his first…BIRTHDAY!