DAY 338: The Cutest Thing Ever…Seriously

Some babies develop a bit of separation anxiety around age one. I guess I can see a little bit of that with Jake. There are some days he just doesn’t like being left alone. As soon as you even step toward the playpen to put him down, he’ll cry. He’s also waking up periodically throughout he night. Not necessarily to eat, either. He just nuzzles on Mama J and falls back to sleep.

Today, Jake was crawling all over the bed (and me) like a little monkey. Out of nowhere, he stopped, and laid his head down on my belly like he was giving me a hug. That’s the first time he’s ever done something like that. Normally, he looks to Mama J for comfort. But, today, he needed me. It was the sweetest thing. It is an incredible feeling to know your child loves you and depends on you for so much more than just food and an allowance:)

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