DAY 339: Grandma Delivers On The Fly…Again!

Today was Jake’s weekly shopping trip with Mama and Gwamma. It was a short one, only about 7 hours. The boy was a perfect angel as usual, until…

Twenty minutes from home, Jake went into “melt-down mode” in the car. Showing total grace under pressure, Gwamma did the only thing she could. No, she didn’t pull the car over and run screaming into the woods. She started…singing!

It was a melodic blend of “Yes yes yes, no no no, nah nah nah, yeah yeah yeah”. For nearly 15 minutes, she kept on singing. Jake went quiet, mesmerized by the Gwamma’s vocal stylings. And guess what? By the time they hit the driveway, he was out cold!

So now, on top of expert seamstress, gardener, chef, cabinet refinisher, dry waller, painter, etc… You can now add song writer and hypnotist! Great job! We love our Gwamma!

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