DAY 340: Should I Party Like Vince Vaughn?

One of my favorites, Vince V. in ‘Old School’.

I never imagined that planning a party for a little person (that’s not going to remember the party anyway) could be such a daunting task! The initial guest list has already hit 75, and we haven’t even start adding friends to the list!

Now, the questions start to mount.  Should we have it at home? It could be freezing out. It’s not like you can corral people into the garage. Do we rent a banquet space and take on the extra expense? Speaking of freezing, should we freeze the guestlist right there and risk offending someone? Should we cater it, or cook ourselves? Can you politely ask guests not bring a gift any larger than a shoebox?:)

The possibilities are endless! I know friends that have went absolutely crazy by throwing full scale events. I’m talking jumpy-gyms, clowns, characters, midgets, you name it! 

To me, the most important question is, who are we throwing the party for? Other than having a bunch of new toys to ignore, Jake will have no idea what’s the fudge is going on. 

My gut says keep it simple. I’d love your input!

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