DAY 335: The Countdown Begins!

Jake turned 11 months old today! What does that mean? Only one month left until I can take these posts dating back to day one and create ‘Jake 365’! (See: Who is 1FD?) Who would have thought that a simple bet would have led me to this point?

The little man celebrated by sprouting another toofer! That makes four on top, and four on the bottom. He’s getting so big! He’s already into his 12 month jammies, and he just looks huge in Mama’s arms.

Look at the little half-pint 11 months ago.

He used those chompers to eat peas all by himself! Pinching them up off his tray and sticking them half way down his throat. I know this all seems insignificant. But each one of his firsts amaze me. I’ll see you next month for his first…BIRTHDAY!

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