The Newbie’s Guide to One Funny Daddy Pt. 6: A New “Birth” Announcement!

BAM! Welcome to week 6 of The Newbies Guide to One Funny Daddy!

Buddy was approaching 6 months old. He was starting to cut teeth and try solid food. And I felt like we were becoming…friends? Sleep was still a distant memory. I look back and realize these posts were obviously the ramblings of an exhausted madman! Yet they gave me something to focus on during all the crying and shitting;)

DSC_0077Every time I find Buddy spun around in his crib, I wish I’d never watched Paranormal Activity 2.

I look at starting a college fund a little like gambling. If Buddy turns out to be a moron and doesn’t go to school, it’ll be like hitting the jackpot in 18 years. But, if he’s a genius and wants to go to Harvard, maybe we should have doubled down? I’m hoping to get him a job with the circus around age 12. I think Ringling Brothers pays tuition reimbursement?

Before Buddy, the most victorious sounds I knew were the roar of a crowd at a concert or when a ball got knocked out of Wrigley. Now those victorious sounds are him giggling, or when he talks himself to sleep. That might sound boring to some, but, you’ll see:)

It’s almost time to start infusing a little food into Buddy’s diet. I wonder how that will go? He just loves them boobies! I relate a lot of situations to songs. In this case, it’s Beyoncé. “I don’t think food’s ready-for his belly-cuz his Mommy’s still boobylicious babay!”

I suspect Buddy is starting to cut a tooth for various reasons. One, the obvious white speck on his lower gum. Two, he’s chewing anything that’s not tied down. And finally, he’s acting like he has a jalapeño pepper crammed up his butt.

DO NOT mess with teething baby! I stuck my finger on Buddy’s lower gum to see if I could feel his toofer, when WHAM! He locked onto my finger like a slobbering bear trap! The kid has a jaw like a parrot and the tooth of a piranha! Thank God he unlatched when I showed him a picture of boobs!

I guess you could call me sentimental Dad. I figured this out when I almost cried during that new Pampers commercial.

I can’t tell you how excited I am now that a lot of friends my age are having babies! Now I won’t be the only dad with an 18 year old kid at my own retirement party.

In further attempt to prove my theory that man’s obsession with boobies starts as an infant, I tried the TV experiment with Buddy. I placed him in front of the “boob tube” and turned on cartoons. In a few short minutes, he was agitated and rambunctious. Then I turned on Playboy TV and paused on a full-screen pair of “test subjects”. In moments, he was docile and drooling. It’s all starting to make sense…

On the advice and nudging by two very smart people on separate occasions, (coincidentally both in the last two weeks, and you know who you are:) I’m taking my goofiness to next level. Coming soon… Blog. Vent. Whatever. If there’s one thing parents have, it’s funny stories. It’s in the works. We’ll see how it shapes up…

The Newbie’s Guide to One Funny Daddy Pt. 5: Settling Into Our Roles


Welcome to week five of The Newbies Guide to One Funny Daddy!

By the time Buddy was five months old, I had learned that just when you think the sleepless nights and endless crying were never going to stop, they do. Things seemed to be getting easier. (Looking back, I realize how simple caring for just one child was) Wifey and I were finding our niche as parents. I began to realize what a great and wonderful responsibility being a parent really was. So, I started planning my estate…and my revenge.

And I remember taking a look at that picture above, the one with goofy pacifier stuck in Buddy’s mouth, and having an idea…;)

I am starting to see our parenting styles shaping up. Wifey is the patient one while I am the pacifier type. She can spend hours allowing him to self soothe, rather than shove the plug in his mouth. While I on the other hand, offer him a new mustang at age 16 if he will stop crying right now. His choice of colors. I think it’s working.

Speaking of pacifying, Buddy is actually weaning himself off that plastic crutch by chewing on his hand instead. The upside is that he’s not waking up every time the plug pops out. The downside is he sounds like a baby piglet eating taffy.

I think we have figured out the cause of Buddy’s erratic sleep patterns. It’s US! Picking him up too soon. Holding him too much. We were keeping the kid awake! He’s sleeping almost double compared to last week. So technically we fixed it by doing…nothing.

When Buddy’s older and fast asleep, school in the morning, I think I’ll exact a little harmless revenge. I’m going to walk into his bedroom crying, my pants soaked with urine, and stand there sobbing until he feeds me. Poetic justice?

I have been compiling a list of life’s must-dos to ensure Buddy grows up a well-mannered little gentleman. 1. Always hold a door open for someone. 2. Always push your grocery cart over to the corral so it doesn’t wind up against my car. 3. Say “excuse me”. 4. No Dutch Ovens if you want to keep a girl.

My, how your priorities change without even knowing it. I was digging through Buddy’s sock drawer to find a color that coordinated with the rest of today’s ensemble. Meanwhile, I walked in front of a mirror and realized that I’m dressed like an extra on the set of a Richard Simmons’ exercise video! But at least his socks match his shirt.

When your kid is born, you love them by default, right? But when a little person starts to develop, and you get to know each other, that changes. When you know that they just smiled or stopped crying because of you, or they latch onto your finger and drift off to sleep, it’s hard to describe. Imagine your heart being so full of pride and love that it felt like it was going to pop…

The Newbie’s Guide to One Funny Daddy Pt. 4: The 30 Something Man-Child Matures…Kinda

Welcome to week four of The Newbie’s Guide to One Funny Daddy!

I remember studying Buddy like he was some ape in the wild. Every little thing was a new thing to both of us. He still continues to amaze me. And now it is so cool to watch Bean develop as a completely different little person. This whole process is just as incredible as it is terrifying. In these posts, you can see I was just figuring that out…


Just when that little devil has me wanting to skip town to Costa Rica, the flu quarantines me to the guest room for three days. I miss my wittle family. I guess I’ll unpack my bags.

I think Wifey has proven once again that women actually may be tougher than men. She has fended off the flu while nursing a cranky kid, all on relatively no sleep, taking nothing but vitamins for four days. She beat it. I didn’t. Which leads to the argument that women are actually smarter than men, too. At least this man, anyway. 

Just a warning ladies; Buddy can’t see past 18 inches yet, but put a boob within a 6 foot radius of him and he lunges at it like an 11.5 lb panther! He has definitely discovered his rooting instinct. Hold him at your own risk!

I’m starting to equate taking care of a baby with fixing a leak. If you can find and fix that leak when it’s small (recognize the kid’s hungry, tired, etc.), you’re all good (baby stays calm). If you ignore the signs, and the leak lets loose (baby goes apeshit), you’re gonna get all wet. Just pay attention to the signs, and you shouldn’t need to call a baby-plumber (in-laws) to fix your shit-show.

Buddy’s senses are really starting to develop. His eyes are tracking moving objects. He’s reaching out to touch things and swinging his legs in attempt to roll. He will even mumble “responses” during our conversations. Not to mention, he has the boob obsession of a fifteen year old. They truly do grow up so fast!

I have developed a simple three-tiered ranking system to immediately judge the severity of a #2 diaper fill-up. It’s called Butt, Nuts, or Gut? Obviously, the bigger the load, the farther it spreads. If you’ve got poo on the belly, well, that’s what we call “a bad day”.

To spoil or not to spoil by picking up Buddy when he cries? That ’tis the question. I’m not sure what the right answer is? But if it means no crying, I’d put a starving mongoose in my undies while standing on one foot and singing a Justin Bieber song.

I had a “HOLY SHIT Moment” last night after realizing that I am an expert at NOTHING! What will I be able to teach this kid? I’m no star athlete. I’ve never built a house, nor rebuilt an engine. I have A.D.D. and the only things I’m good at are art, music, and making a fool of myself. I was reminded of something that I seem to forget… I’m a NERD!

There are two men in this house now. One of whom only sleeps 5 hours a day, drinks his meals, drools in his sleep, and sharts in his britches repeatedly. The other is a 3 month old baby.

Buddy is a little stubborn with a bottle. He prefers it straight from the tap. I explained that big boys love bottles as they get older. Glass ones. I told him about the time Daddy drank so many bottles that he woke up in a stranger’s swimming pool wearing nothing but a Batman t-shirt and some floatees! That MILKER LITE makes some “babies” crazy!!!

I would like to know what a baby that usually just giggles when he’s awake, laugh his little ass off about while he’s asleep!? Does Buddy even know what laughing is yet? What is he thinking about? The time I dropped my guard and he peed on me? The time I stubbed my toe on his crib so hard I nearly shit my pants? What’s so funny!?

I have read conflicting articles that state a child’s long term memory develops at either age 1, or age 5. That’s quite a gap in theories. I wish I knew for sure. Then, I would know how long I have to get my act together.

Prior to Buddy, some of my proudest moments included winning a fastest beer-bong contest, sneaking backstage at Ozzfest, and almost eating the 4 pound Big Ethyl Burger. Those moments have since became Buddy’s birth, him rolling over, going to sleep without crying (sometimes), and farting louder than a grown man. My, how perspectives change…

The Newbie’s Guide to One Funny Daddy: Allow Myself to Re-Introduce…Myself

For those friends that have been with me from the beginning, scroll right past this post to the next funny cat video or GIRLS BE LIKE meme. Although for you newbies, this post might actually help us get to know each other a little better.

It has taken so long for my little page (and me) to grow up, that I’m not quite sure if I have really introduced myself since the beginning?


The Original Gangstas. That’s Buddy and I, circa 2010. Like with the new cover pic including Bean, I shot that in the front yard on a picnic blanket with an iPhone. I’m a true professional.

Rather than write some boring little biography, I went back to the place it all started, Facebook.

Facebook has been my journal throughout the entire evolution of One Funny Daddy. I travelled back to posts starting in 2010, and pieced together a timeline that tells the story of a man-child maturing into a father.

This will be the first installment of these Story Teller type posts. Consider them the Cliff Notes of One Funny Daddy. I will compile a string of “Best-Of” posts that condense almost four years of good times into a few minutes of reading. After reading these posts, I’ll let you decide just how much maturing I have done.

Let us start back in February of 2010. These 13 posts will take you from the announcement through the birth, to the “idea”. I hope you follow along:)

(((Cue harpy-sounding, going back in time music)))

1. There is a reason for my recent burst in maturity. No, it’s not Manopause. You’ve called me many things in the past. But soon you’ll be able to call me….DAD!!! Confirmed today. Due date, November 24th! MY BIRTHDAY! How’s that for smart semen!?

2. Learning about childbirth has given me a greater respect for Moms. Guys, imagine carrying and protecting a water balloon in our bellies (don’t forget, no beer) for 9 months, only to squeeze it out of our pie-holes while our wife stands by and watches. Admit it. We are wimps. We couldn’t do it. Kiss your wives and spoil your kids.

3. In birthing class, I learned that the Ferguson reflex is the female body’s response to pressure in your hoo-hah, producing oxytocin and increasing contractions until the baby is delivered. Meaning it makes you push. It’s similar to what occurs when you (in medical terms) drop a deuce. So the next time you’re all bound up after a few Mexi-Melts, just twerk your Fergie Reflex!

4. I get creeped out by some of these older natural childbirth books. It’s not the actual baby-popping-out part. It’s the 70’s porn-star looking women that are popping them out. They’re just so…hairy! I mean their “baby-chutes” look like the Geico Caveman’s face!!! EEEK!

5. Wifey and I can’t decide if we want to know the sex of the baby? So, we had the result sealed in an envelope to be opened later if we choose. We cracked in just under 3 hours. It’s a boy!!!

6. I am really starting to benefit by adapting some of the women’s exercises taught in Baby School. For example, the Kegel. I’m gaining laser-like urinary force and precision. I could bust out the pee-shooter right now and knock a pop can off a 6 ft fence from 10 paces! Draw!!!

7. This guy is mentally transitioning from a (self proclaimed) mack-daddy/high roller, to a proud daddy pushin’ a stroller! From fist-pumpin’ to breast-pumpin’! From all night bashes to diaper rashes! And you know what? I feel…awesome! It means I get to be a kid again too. You really think those toys I’m buying are for the baby?

8. I wonder if the womb-music thing actually works? The kid was punchin’ Wifey in the uterus in perfect 4/4 time! If he had sticks in his hands, he could have been playing AC/DC’s ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’!

9. Try dealing with a huge belly, bloating, gas, swollen ankles, mood-swings, odd cravings, and tender nipples… Not to mention, my wife is pregnant.

10. No baby yet, but there’s some blips on the radar. If she pops tonight, our natural labor induction story will be Portillo’s chocolate shakes, lots of Motley Crüe, and dancing in the Dr’s office. Again, sorry if I haven’t been able to answer your calls, etc. Trust me, we’re busy. Wish us luck!

11. Better late than never! Buddy has arrived! We’ve been awake since 8am on Thursday and we still can’t settle down! I am so proud of our little team, especially Wifey. No epidural. No pitosin. Just a lot of courage. An amazing story. Thanks everybody for everything along the way!!!

12. I am becoming the dorky Dad with the huge camera! I apologize if we haven’t called you personally yet. Facebook is the easiest way to update. Wifey’s recovering, Buddy is perfect. He’s got more nicknames than days out of the womb! He went through several wardrobe changes last night, hence his newest…BABY GAGA!

13. I had an idea. Then, two friends suggested similar things, solidifying my notion. And THEN, Wifey bet me I could NOT do it! So, I think I might try it? ‘365 Days in the Life of Buddy’, or ‘Buddy’s Lessons’? I have to log something (hopefully entertaining) that we talk about each day for an entire year! And I can not make these posts up! Then I will probably turn them into some sort of book for Buddy. One condition, if you like it, someone has to call Oprah for me. My hands are full!

Still no call from Oprah yet. Oh well. Until next time…


I DID IT! There it is, the finished product. ‘Buddy 365’. One whole year of posts and then some…still sitting in the same pile as they were in 2012:)