DAY 252: Clap Your Hands Everybody!!!

We’re Lamda Lamda Lamda, and….

Today was a tremendous day for writing in the baby book! (Yes, with all the documenting we do on this kid, there’s also a baby book:) First, Jake pulled himself up to the standing position in his crib! Then, after we made his big, stuffed toy horsey give him a few pecks on the cheek, I said “give your horsey a smooch, Jake!” He leaned in and smooched the horsey right on the nose! (Funny, it didn’t work on his Mom or I:) And lastly, he learned how to clap his hands as we sang Lamar’s rap from Revenge of the Nerds. He grinned every time I said “Omega Muuuu’s!” It’s so much fun watching this kid evolve!


I’ve said this before, but… THANK YOU to all the Mommies out there! Guys CAN NOT deny that taking care of a child is a full time job!

Single Moms, Moms with multiple kids, working Moms…heck, even single DADS, you ROCK!!!

Without my wife, Jake would probably be eating french fries, watching Snakes On A Plane right now while I typed this! The house would be a wreck, the flowers would be withering, and raccoons would be living in the laundry room!

If you think I’m grateful, it’s because I AM!!!

DAY 249: Can Grown-Ups Still Daydream?

Lately I’ve been thinking, to train my kid to be a kid, I have to THINK like a kid! Any of you that know me might say I’m already there! I mean, I need to conjure up my imagination again! To remember what it was like to dream BIG, and think back to the time when there were NO limits!

So, since playing drums for Pearl Jam probably isn’t going to happen, I started thinking, what is my dream from this day forward? It simple. I want absolute happiness. And, I want to make a living using nothing more than my creativity. The how’s and what’s aren’t there yet, but that’s the dream.

I will wholeheartedly encourage Jake to use his imagination to the fullest! To create the picture in his mind of what he wants to be and drive straight to it! Sometimes life puts a few speed bumps on the path you intended. I hope to be there to steer the little man around those obstacles, and ensure that he never loses track of what makes him happy! Oh, and ground him!:)

You can do it little buddy!

DAY 246: Gwampas Are Wise, And They Are Trouble!!!

I am 38, and I learn something from the Grandpa’s every single week! I can not imagine the education Jake is going to have by the time he’s 18!

Example: Tonight I learned that we can send “silly” messages on helium balloons. You just fill up the balloon, attach your message, and let if fly into the Universe! Who knows where they will land, and who will receive them!?

I won’t tell you what his message was…:)


DAY 245: Baby Clogs Toilet!!!

Real men ride pink plastic cars!

Yes, it’s true! The remants from Jake’s diaper alone were enough to clog our toilet tonight! Damn you carrots and peas! Now there’s two heavy-hitters in the house!:)

Speaking of good food, we had the most incredible dinner with friends tonight! Just when I thought I was a good cook, we ate at their house. Now I’m left with a full belly, an intense yearning to learn how to sear meat, and half a food boner! Thanks J&J!!!

DAY 244: Parents! Read this and SAVE MONEY NOW!

I’ve mentioned in the past that my wife is so environmentally conscious that she actually traps her farts in  mason jars and let’s them dissipate, rather then letting them into the Ozone. That may have been a slight exaggeration.

I give her a hard time about all her methods of being green, going organic, eating clean…but I know she’s right about all of it. I just do it to jack with her:) She’s a pretty smart woman. And one of the healthiest people I know.

Mama J works very hard to make sure Jake gets nothing but the most natural, healthy foods possible. How can you be so sure, you ask? Because she makes all of it herself!

It’s a great system actually. She uses a Food Mill, and grinds all organic fruits and veggies like carrots, squash, apples, pears, etc. and freezes them into ice cubes. She stores the cubes in plastic bags. When you’re ready to feast, just thaw a cube, and BAM! Time to eat!

A jar of organic baby food costs ~$1.00. You can make 16 carrot cubes in one ice tray for the cost of a bag of carrots. The money you save is huge!

I have to give my wife props for making the commitment to start the healthiest foundation possible for Jake, and all the time and effort that entails.

I’m a man of convenience. I would have never thought twice about just buying a crate of Gerber if it weren’t for her. Thanks Mama! From the both of us!!!

Nice sack!