DAY 256: What About Your Beaver!?

Recently I’ve noticed little marks on the crib railing. I assumed it was from us bending over the crib to lift Jake out and scratching it. Little did I know that beaver-boy has been standing up in the crib and gnawing on it like an animal! Now I know why they sell crib rail teething guards at Babies R Us! I think I’ll save $25 and just smear Horseradish on it!:)

DAY 252: Clap Your Hands Everybody!!!

We’re Lamda Lamda Lamda, and….

Today was a tremendous day for writing in the baby book! (Yes, with all the documenting we do on this kid, there’s also a baby book:) First, Jake pulled himself up to the standing position in his crib! Then, after we made his big, stuffed toy horsey give him a few pecks on the cheek, I said “give your horsey a smooch, Jake!” He leaned in and smooched the horsey right on the nose! (Funny, it didn’t work on his Mom or I:) And lastly, he learned how to clap his hands as we sang Lamar’s rap from Revenge of the Nerds. He grinned every time I said “Omega Muuuu’s!” It’s so much fun watching this kid evolve!


I’ve said this before, but… THANK YOU to all the Mommies out there! Guys CAN NOT deny that taking care of a child is a full time job!

Single Moms, Moms with multiple kids, working Moms…heck, even single DADS, you ROCK!!!

Without my wife, Jake would probably be eating french fries, watching Snakes On A Plane right now while I typed this! The house would be a wreck, the flowers would be withering, and raccoons would be living in the laundry room!

If you think I’m grateful, it’s because I AM!!!