DAY 249: Can Grown-Ups Still Daydream?

Lately I’ve been thinking, to train my kid to be a kid, I have to THINK like a kid! Any of you that know me might say I’m already there! I mean, I need to conjure up my imagination again! To remember what it was like to dream BIG, and think back to the time when there were NO limits!

So, since playing drums for Pearl Jam probably isn’t going to happen, I started thinking, what is my dream from this day forward? It simple. I want absolute happiness. And, I want to make a living using nothing more than my creativity. The how’s and what’s aren’t there yet, but that’s the dream.

I will wholeheartedly encourage Jake to use his imagination to the fullest! To create the picture in his mind of what he wants to be and drive straight to it! Sometimes life puts a few speed bumps on the path you intended. I hope to be there to steer the little man around those obstacles, and ensure that he never loses track of what makes him happy! Oh, and ground him!:)

You can do it little buddy!

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