Merry Christmas! (NO, I’m Not Drunk!:)

Little tech-junkies:)
Tonight, my Aunt hosted the annual (and obviously belated) GAG Gift Christmas exchange! What better chance to take light-hearted jabs at your own family members, or just be flat out gross!? 
I received a squeezable container of delicious Cuban Black Bean Bisque. Nothing funny or gross about that, right? Not until you’re instructed to squeeze it into a bowl as quickly as possible. The squishy, farting sounds made as you discharge what could easily be mistaken for dog crap just so happens to be both funny and gross at the same time! Mission accomplished. 
My wife, the giftee, received a note stating that the gifter had came upon an extra iPad through their business and decided to pay it forward. Little did she know, that “iPad” was actually a huge, moose-crotch sized maxi-pad with a big “I” drawn on it. Another great success!
Yes, sense of humor runs on both sides of our family. It’s no surprise that Jake’s latest habit is laughing until he actually turns red in the face. I’m not exactly sure what he’s laughing AT yet? But I love it!

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