Long Time, No See!!!

Wazzup!?!? It’s been over a week since my last futile attempt at a post. See, work has been crazy. (Remember, I work shit, I mean shift work:) I haven’t had many days off since Christmas. And since I haven’t been home to see Jake very much, I didn’t have many stories to tell. I assumed he’d be dating and have pubes by now, but I wasn’t sure. I also assumed that you were tired of hearing my little old stories about being a Dad. Yet, two people in the last week asked “Why haven’t you been writing?, and said “Just keep doing it!” So here I am…
I CAN NOT believe how much this little monkey has evolved in only 3 weeks!!! Spitting out syllables like a midget rapper! Chasing me around the room in his walker chair! Bopping his head to music! We played “catch” with his rubber ball! And for the first time, he took my big-boy drum sticks and did the “right-left-right-left” on his drum! 
This kid never ceases to amaze me. He’s always changing. Getting bigger, smarter, stronger, more animated…
OH! I forgot something to add to the “first” list! He somehow learned to wrap his arms around our necks and give us great big hugs. I love that little monkey:)

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