Pissed Off? Or Pissed ON?

That Poor Man…
Team 3 enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon of appliance shopping! What could be more exciting than deciding between a side-by-side, or french door type refrigerator?
Mama-San was taking care of asking all the important questions, while I was flying Jake around the store like a little Iron Man. Apparently, I zigged while I should have zagged, and Jake managed to flood his diaper with 3 parts hot piss, and one part nutty fudge! 
First, I noticed a slight odor. Then my worst fear was realized when looked down to see my jacket soaked! Thank God, I only got hit with the Number One!!! 
Luckily, we never travel without a spare get-up for the “Mad Pisser”. He was changed out and back in the store within minutes. Mama J and I are like a Nascar pit crew when
it comes to changing this little shit now. 
The salesman caught a laugh from the ordeal, and so did we. But from now on, I’m carrying a spare get-up with me too. My jacket still smells like piss!:)

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