DAY 359: The New Drummer for Green Day?

What some people call schizophrenia, I call “having a musical brain”. There is generally a song in my head during the majority of my waking hours. And when I hear music, my brain usually disregards everything but the beat. No, I’m not Rain Man. I’m a drummer.
Jake is really starting to mimic me when it comes to my nearly incessant tapping on everything from the steering wheel to the kitchen table. I thought it was a goof at first, until he started doing it on cue. What’s more is, he’s actually doing a very slow drum roll. All I have to say is “Right-left-right-left-right-left…” and the Little Drummer Boy starts tapping away. 
Today, Mama had him dressed in every shade of green in the Crayola box. She said “Today is a very green day”, just as Jake is drumming away on the toilet lid. That’s when I thought…Hmm, Green Day….
Check out the video.

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