DAY 358: Now, This Kid’s Speakin’ My Language!

That’s not what I said!!!

Your child’s first birthday party really is ALL about them, right? I mean, it has NOTHING to do with the parent’s personal enjoyment (drunk fest celebrating the fact you made it a whole year without snapping).

All the details of the party, including the food and the gifts, really do not mean a whole lot. It’s about celebrating the life of our firstborn little miracle. Although Jake won’t recall what his cake tasted like, or which new toy he chewed on, I’d still like it to be a special day for him. So, since it is his party, I thought I’d bounce a few ideas off of him to see if anything stuck.

First Question:
Me: “What do you think we should serve for lunch, little buddy?”
Jake: ” Tyed sickin uh so neeeer!”
My interpretation: Fried chicken and cold beer.

Second Question:
Me: “What do you want for your birthday present, chumley?”
Jake: “Gye-bah-GOO! Gye-bah-GOO!”
My interpretation: This was tough, but I think he said “iPad 2! iPad 2!”???

THANKS little buddy! What a relief to know that I don’t have to spend hours toiling over details that could make the day a hit for my baby boy. Remember, that’s what’s important. It has NOTHING to do with the parent’s personal enjoyment:)

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