Our baby is a little Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit! He never stops look for something to break! Honestly, all are babies this way?

You could place Jake in the middle of a room full of toys. He will immediately crawl straight over or around the bright, shiny play things and go directly to an electrical cord plugged into the wall socket. Pull him away from that, he heads straight for a coffee table covered with remotes. Yank him off that, and he’s trying to cram his fingers into a door jamb. Save him from getting pinched, and he heads for and end table with picture frames on top. I know he’s bound to encounter some bumps and bruises, but Jesus! Are we supposed to bolt everything to the floor, and put everything we own in storage until he’s in grade school!?

Where do you find balance between letting him “figure things out”, and driving yourself insane? My job is one that immerses you in a strict safety culture. So when I look around a room, my brain is constantly scanning…I see every sharp thing, head-knocker, and hazard you can think of. Obviously, that’s maddening when you’re chasing a roving destroyer. If it stinks, sparks, or shatters, this kid’s going for it!!!

Where’s the middle ground? Help me out you experienced parents!!!

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