DAY 354: Quiet Down Big Person!!!

No shizznit, Jake has completely evolved into an entirely different monkey over the last month. He is so cognizant of his surroundings and actually learning to communicate in his own small way. When it’s bedtime, (meaning booby time) he stops playing and points to the nursing pillow or the sound machine. Smart boy.
Speaking of communication… I know it may get old at some point, like when he’s saying it 100 times a day, but when I hear him blurt out Mama or Dada, my heart turns into a little bowl of Jello. You love your kid from day one, right? But when things really start to click, and that little snuggle-rat buries his head into your shoulder as you rock him to sleep, wow…
If I haven’t seen Jake all day, I notice myself walking a little heavier past his door, or “accidentally” coughing as I skip past. I hate to wake the boy, but Dada just wants to say “Hi Little Buddy”:)

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