DAY 352: Holy Sh!t, the Clock is Ticking!!!

I just want something new to chew on.

Man, I swear there is just never enough time to do all the things you need (and want) to do! Jake’s party is only weeks away, with Christmas right behind it. The list keeps getting longer as the days get shorter. Decorations, the planning, the shopping, blah blah blah… I know it will all work out. Although I must admit, scrapping it all and just getting him a gift card is sounding better and better all the time:)

2 thoughts on “DAY 352: Holy Sh!t, the Clock is Ticking!!!

  1. I understand that. Christmas just seems like more work ever since the kids were born. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could give them gift cards..but I know it wouldn't have enough cash on it to get everything on their wish list which by the way gets longer everyday. My son has a birthday 2 days after Christmas so just when I think all my money is gone, I have a birthday party and gifts to pay for.


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