I Get A New Kid Every Week!!!

You know how when you’re with someone every day, you don’t really notice them losing weight? But, if you run into them once a week or so, they look so different, you’d think they had their ass Lipo’ed!?

No, Jake didn’t get Liposuction. I’m talking about his personality!!! These last few weeks have been nutty. Other than my full days with him when Mama’s away, I only see Jake a few minutes a day before one of us passes out. Of course, I hear about his antics and triumphs every day. Although, they don’t really click until I get to hang out with him for a while.

Just since our last male-bonding blast, Jake has developed SO MUCH as a little person. I can tell that he’s really grasping words and concepts now. If I grab the car seat, he says “CAH”, and points to the door. When we pull into the driveway, he says “HUM”. When we go to feed the horsey, he points and says “HUSS”. I have to remind myself that he’s always listening! I dropped something during lunch and blurted out a “Shit!”. From behind me I hear “SHITH”. While shopping yesterday, Jake pointed out Elmo from a quarter mile away. “M’MO!”. It’s frightening how fast these little devils pick up on things! (And I can see how Marketing Execs create brand-loyalty, those sneaky bastards!:)

A new development that just occurred in the last few days, he has two new best friends! His bunny and his piggy. They are inseparable! If Jake’s sleeping or cruising in the CAH, one of those two stuffed companions must be present at all times! Very cute. Today it’s bunnies and piggies. Fifteen years from now, I can only imagine what animals he’s going to be chasing. My bet’s on the “kitties”, if you know what I’m sayin’!?

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