Do These Look Like Pajamas To You? (Pissed Off Parent Alert!!!)

Hmmm. Comfy…

My wife and I we’re picking through a clearance sale rack of baby clothing, and came across some spring-weight footy pajamas for only $6.00 EACH! SCORE!!! 

I won’t mention the brand name on these jammies, but I will say that it rhymes with SHARTERS. Mama J, being the adamant label reader she is, noticed that these innocent little ducky-covered PJ’s were “Flame Retardant”. 
I knew that I’d be returning these jammy-jams soon, but we made the purchase anyway to bring them home and find out what “Flame Retardant” really meant. It couldn’t mean what we think it did, right?
Check out this SHIZNIT! And keep in mind this is done to crib mattresses also! Jeepers!

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