Apple equals Asshole

Stop with the crazy space-talk! I understand English you Dummy!

It seems our Jakey is really starting to understand some words and the objects associated with them, as well as our vocal inflection. Meaning, it’s obvious he knows if we are making a statement or asking a question based on his responses. He’s babbling like a Chinese rapper. Here are some examples…

– “Jacob, are you hungry?” He shakes his head no, no, no, or waves his arms in front of his face. If he is, he says “uh-huh”and shakes his head yes, yes, yes.
– “Jacob, are you thirsty?” He makes the “O” face, and points at his sippy cup.
– “Jacob, grab the ball for Dad.” He crawls over, grabs the ball and rolls it back.
– Just hearing “Bye Bye” is an automatic wave and a “bah bah” to someone.
– “Jacob, rock out!” Automatic headbang or shoulder shakin’.
Pronunciations Include:
Ball = Bah
Bottle = Bah Bah
Bye Bye = Bah Bah???
OK, those are bad examples. How about…
Car = Cah
Teeth = Tiff
Dog = Hoof hoof (woof woof:)
Cheese = Tizz
Apple = Asshole
It’s exciting to know that we are actually starting to communicate with each other! I can not wait until the day when I hear “Hi Dad!”. I’ll try and remember this post the first time I hear, “F**k off Dad!”
But, until then…

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