I Know The Music’s In My Pants, But Can It Be In My Genes?

Can musical skills truly be “in the genes”? 

Other than constantly playing music throughout the house (everything from Nine Inch Nails to Beethoven), we don’t force instruments into Jake’s hands. Yet, he flocks towards all his musical toys. He will tear through an entire basket of toys just to find his drumsticks. He won’t play the xylophone unless he has the right mallet. “Right-left-right-left” is second nature to him now. Jake can bust phat beats on cue! As soon as the car door opens and he hears music, he starts wiggling to the beat. If Mama or I say “Rock out buddy”, or “Dance, dance, dance”, he starts the head bang-slash-shoulder shake. I catch him drumming away in his car seat all the time. 

The little Animal with his big boy drumsticks!!!

All I can figure is that Jake is mimicking what he sees Mama and I do everyday. What’s best is, I think he likes it! I don’t want to inadvertently turn the kid into a band-geek (like his Dad:). So, we keep a multitude of toys and books on hand ranging from sports, construction, art… you name it. Although Jake usually bypasses all of those and goes straight for his drums, piano, or guitar. Go figure. My philosophy on developing his interests is to provide him with tons of options, and encourage whichever ones he chooses. Unless it’s crack, of course:)

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