Tonight Only! I’m a Free Man! Boats and Hoes!!!

Do you take debit cards, Ma’am?
This is the first time since Jake was born that I’ve had the place all to myself for an entire night! I’m taking full advantage! It’s go time!
First, I’m treating myself to a huge steak dinner and an ice cold Stella or three! Next, it’s off to the casino to drop some cash on a game I have no idea how to play! Then, it’s off to the Strip Joint to MAKE IT RAIN TONIGHT! I’M FREE! WOOT WOOT!!!
At least, that’s what I would have done four years ago. In reality, I spent three hours cleaning the house after work. My wife takes care of Jake a majority of the time, plus goes to work, plus takes care of the house. I like to hook her up when I have the opportunity to give her a break. She deserves it. I may put in a ton of hours at work. But she’s on the clock 24/7.
I did keep it real though! I blasted rock music and drank beer while I scrubbed the floors like a beyatch. Nothing makes you feel like a man more than the feel of a Swifter in your hands:)

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