PHEW! Is It Really Over?

I love these bibs, I really do!!! Do I eat them, or crap in them?
I would just like to say a few words to those…

I compare Christmas this year to old people having sex. It’s still a lot of fun, but man, is it exhausting!!!
The last-minute shopping, the traffic, the cooking, the gifts, go here, run there, open presents, eat, poop, sleep, do it again. After posting religiously for over a year, I gave myself permission to stop worrying about what to write and just enjoy the holiday.
I have a new found appreciation for what my parents went through each year. They busted ass to make everything special for us kids, while we ravaged through gifts and played all day! It’s hard work! For parents, I mean…
Even though Jake’s favorite “gift” was a roll of duct tape, man I get a kick out of him watching him get a kick out of us getting a kick out of him! I can’t wait until the year when he knows that wine bottle stopper he’s yapping into isn’t actually a fancy microphone. That’s when the real fun begins!  
I hope you all had a very happy holiday! And if you’re still reading my silly little blurbs, THANK YOU!

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