You Can Shove That Little Yellow Fella Straight Up Your Cat’s Eye!


You’re looking at one of the hottest Christmas toys of 2011, My Keepon.
You know, everyday I brainstorm, hoping for that one idea that’s going to pop into my head and make me a millionaire. Obviously I haven’t thought of it yet, or I’d being doing body shots off a model in Aruba right now. I mean, I’d be out shopping with my wife, of course!;)

When I stumble across something such as this, it makes me want to donkey-kick the inventor of My Keepon dead in the twat. On the contrary though, it does remind me to never stop trying to create. Whether it’s the next Pet Rock, or a personal body hair groomer for metro-sexual dogs. 
The butt-plug that created this dancing, yellow thing struck gold. I can too!

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