Um, you’re not Mama, buttface…

This has been a DOOZY of a day for this Dada! Mama J had to leave town for work today.  No worries. Jake and I have got our guy’s routine down to a science. Here’s the problem…

Jake’s feeling a bit under the weather, and my Super Dad powers just aren’t working today. His cold is my Kryptonite! Trying to get him down for his first nap was like trying to wrestle a writhing midget on meth! He would not stop crying! And the only thing he kept muttering was “Ma-muh, Ma-Muh!” He even belted out a machine-gun paced rant, “Mamamamamamamamamama”!

I felt helpless! But after another few ounces of magic milk, he succumbed to the exhaustion, and passed out. All day long, the only thing he’s said has been Mama. And all I can do to keep him calm is a lot of comforting, and more milk! I have so many bottle stains on my shirt, you’d think I was the one lactating! Jake is like a miniature functioning milkaholic. I went into his room as he was waking up from his restless, 50 minute nap. Before I was even around the corner, he mumbled an inquisitive “Mama?” By the expression on his face when he saw it was me, you’d think someone just kicked him in his baby nuts! I am counting the minutes until she returns home.

Just like the song says, “You Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til It’s Gone”. I never thought I’d say this, but Cinderella was right. Come home Mama! We need you!

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