DAY 362: Three Days Out, And I Get F&%KING Writer’s Block!?

I am usually NEVER at a loss for words. Just ask anyone that knows me. But as the days draw closer to completing ‘Jake 365’, (see I find that I have TOO MUCH to say. I’m trying to search for all these profound specific points to summarize my last year’s experience as a new Dad, and I can’t even think of where to begin?

I began thumbing back through the posts that I’ve written, starting a few days before Jake was born. I remember the terror, the excitement, and all the fun of preparing to house, clothe, and feed another human being. I can almost feel the happiness in those paragraphs. I can see the smile on my wife’s face, and the tears streaming down mine as I held my son for the first time. I’m taken back to all the sleepless nights, and all the small miracles that occurred almost daily. As I read through pages and pages of the journal of my son’s first year on Earth, one word comes to mind…Evolution. The evolution of a child, and of a family. Most importantly, the evolution of a scared husband to a proud father.

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