DAY 347: Until You’ve Walked a Mile in Someones’s Shoes…

My wife and I are a great team when it comes to taking care of Jake. Obviously, she does the majority of it, but we each have our own skill sets when it comes to parenting. She’s good at everything. And I can get Jake to make fart noises on command.

This week the inevitable happened…Mama J was called away to work for THREE DAYS AND NIGHTS! I always knew it was possible, and I’ve been secretly…OK, openly dreading it for quite some time. When she got the call, I started reviewing my choices. 1: Drop to my my knees sobbing and claim insanity. 2: Throw myself down the stairs and hope something snapped. 3: Cowboy up and be the Super Dad I know I can be! I chose number 3.

I’m half way through day two, and I must say, Jake has been a complete…ANGEL! There was a moment yesterday when I almost called Mama, begging her to come home. Jake went into meltdown mode before his afternoon nap. He was in a panic, crying “Ma-MUH, Ma-Muh!!!” I knew he wasn’t hungry, so I reverted to my early Daddy method of “The Five S’s”. I can only remember three, so I threw up a “Hail Mary”. Side, sway, and shoosh! I call it my “sleeper hold”. And just like old times, Jake was snoring in my arms in minutes! I knew then that everything was going to be OK.

Since then, we’ve been enjoying the total Father/Son experience. I needed to buy groceries for Thanksgibbins, so I thought I’d take him to epicenter of American culture, WalMart! Next, a stop at the baby Mecca, Babies R Us! Jake was a little gentleman, smiling and waving at the elderly and the mullet-headed. I was so proud.
The experience has been amazing. Now I’ve had the chance to witness all the things I’ve only heard about. The way Jake is extra snuggly when you feed him in the middle of the night. How quickly he learns to mimic the things you do like playing the drums on the steering wheel. And his immense mid-morning donkey craps! 
I’m not sure what he and I will do tomorrow? All I know is, Mama’s coming home!!! I’ve said thank you many times before, but I never really appreciated all the work she does until I was forced to do it myself. The good news is, I’m not so scared anymore. Because, wouldn’t you know it? I’m pretty F@$king good at being a Dad:)

2 thoughts on “DAY 347: Until You’ve Walked a Mile in Someones’s Shoes…

  1. Wow! Not many dads can say they actually took over the entire household and child-rearing SOLO for 1 day, let alone 3! I knew you could do it because you have been a great dad since before Jake was even born!


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