DAY 346: A Little Fatherly Advice (Happy Birthday Dad!)

Any guy can be a Dad. There are some good and some bad. You can learn a lot about being a Dad by reading some books, and watching some DVD’s on parenting. There are plenty of websites out there that will give you advice and opinions. You can figure out how to give your kid a bottle or how to run them a bath. Although there are some things about being a Dad that you can only get from one source…Your own Dad.

My Dad showed me how to raise a kid. He taught me how to be resourceful and provide for my family. He taught me the value of hard work. He taught how to respect and treat people, no matter their situation or status. He taught me how to be kind and generous. He is the source of my sense of humor. He showed me how to look the worst of adversities in the face and deal with them gracefully. And most importantly, he was fair and understanding when I made mistakes. And I made a few…

Smearing my younger neighbor’s face with mulberries and turning him purple for a week. Having a water fight in our brand new kitchen and drowning the carpeting with water. Blowing up a paint can in my closet with a BB gun. Shattering numerous windows with baseballs. Sneaking out. Trashing cars. Skateboards through the wall. You name it.

I gave him plenty of reasons to strangle me. But he didn’t. And because of him, I’ll know how to react when Jake spray paints his name across the garage door.

I am who I am because of my parents. I know if my Mom was still here, she would be so proud of all of us.

Today I just want my Dad to know what he means to me. And I do everything I can to make sure Jake will feel the same about me.

Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!!!

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