DAY 329: This Kid’s Not Gonna Outrun Me!

Today was Daddy’s first day back in training! Coming off a recent ankle injury, the only real exercise I’ve gotten in months is some cycling to get my leg strength back.

I finally got back on the treadmill today for a 30 minute run/walk. That was the method I used to train for 5k’s and get down to my “wedding weight”. Three years, 3,000 beers and what feels like just as many pounds later, it’s time to get moving again. 
I felt clunky and awkward, like a pregnant dog for the first few increments. Although within minutes, things started to align and move just like old times. Granted, I almost puked at only 6.5 mph, but everything starts with just one step.

And I want to be ready when Jake takes his.

The real me…

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